Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Workshop in NYC March 8, 2012

I will be giving a workshop on March 8 from 2:30 to 5 pm at the Sheraton Hotel, Midtown Manhattan.  Please see to register.  Here is the detailed schedule:

Your Body is Your Supervisor: Using body awareness and expressive movement (The Nia Technique) to explore therapeutic dilemmas in groups

I. Introduction (20 mins)   objective #1

A.  Names, your interest in mind/body integration.  Review schedule of workshop. 

B.  Didactic presentation of somatic psychology

II.  Guiding participants in sensation focused body awareness  and discussion:(15 Minutes)  objective #1, 3

A.  Discussion to include:  word or phrase to describe what you are experiencing in your body, what you notice or noticed.

B.  Each person write down, from place of body awareness, a group issue or problem that comes to mind, a dilemma, an experience that is interesting, puzzling, that causes you to feel unsettled, which you�d like to explore today.

II.  Movement to Music (15 mins) Objective #2

Experiential movement to music with three levels of intensity:  easy and calm music and movement, more intense  rhythms, and quiet and relaxed music.

III.  Meditation  (10 minutes) Objective #2

Focus on  body sensations, emotions, energy in and out of the body; where energy flows and where it gets stuck; access felt sense, whole body experience

IV.  Focus on the issue or problem that participants wrote down earlier. (20 mins)  objective # 1, 2, 3

Focus on the body’s way of experiencing the problem.  Notice any sensations and emotions, images, thoughts, etc., that connect with the whole of it.  Any emotions.  In pairs, participants discuss their dilemma and listen with body awareness for insights and discoveries.

V.  Discussion, including principles of somatic psychology and application to therapy groups and leadership. Wrap Up with questions and answers; reviewing reference material for further study (30 mins) Objectives 1, 2, 3

VII.  Evaluations (10 mins)

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